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  • UTLA and SEIU Strike 3:01 Cesar Chavez Day Student Activity (Teacher Rally Video)

    As we commemorate the enduring legacy of the American labor rights activist Cesar E. Chavez, we ask that students take a moment to watch this short video highlighting last week’s UTLA and SEIU strike.

    Click on the link below and answer the following question. The names of participating students will be recorded into a raffle for a chance to a win special prize.


    Uploaded Mar 30, 2023
  • sdfsdfsdf 00:10 fsdfsf

    Uploaded Sep 23, 2022 by Ivan Amador
  • JAMS Video 10:28 Campus Tour

    We invite future patriots to take a virtual walk through our campus and get to know your future school.

    Uploaded Apr 25, 2022
  • Fall Concert Highlights 2:15 JAMS Dia de los Muertos Concert

    This year our students honored Mexican culture, by performing a musical selection that celebrates Dia de los Muertos. Enjoy some of the highlights from our Fall musical recital, featuring our talented students, under the direction of our amazing music teacher, Mr. Thompson.

    Uploaded Nov 05, 2021

    Our objective is to achieve high levels of critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, through art practice and discussions. Our classroom serves as a studio-based program where students take acquired knowledge and create a visual interpretation on new information.
    Our annual student artwork exhibition is a highly anticipated event, which brings our community together through students' work and talent. Our event takes place in the historic LA River Center, a beautiful location ideal for recreational days. Hope to see you on our next art exhibition.

    Uploaded Nov 03, 2021

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